Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company provides the necessary support for the production and sale of pallet stretch wrapping machines to our valued customers. It also provides necessary assistance in the use of machines.
You can reach the company's products from the phone numbers on the internet address or by sending e-mail to our e-mail address. In addition, you can make your requests to authorized persons by visiting the company in person.
Our company works every day and hour of the week. We can receive emails and calls every day and at any time, both in the production phase and in the sales phase. Thus, it is aimed to prevent customers from being victimized.
All stretching wrapping machines produced in the company are under the guarantee of us after the sale. We provide a guarantee of 2 years. The company always stands behind its products and does the necessary work to eliminate the problem in a possible case.
The Company also provide sales over the internet for customers who have access to the internet. Thus, we try to satisfy our customers who want to buy online
You can request a price quote for your stretch wrapping machine purchases from our company. Thus, by comparing products and prices, you can choose the stretching machine that best suits your needs and budget.
During the manufacture of our stretch machines, we primarily work to minimize the need for spare parts. In case of need, you can obtain spare parts from our company.
Our stretching machines are specially designed to minimize stretch costs. Therefore, a reduction in stretch costs of up to 80 percent is visible
The engine features of our stretch machines benefit from the highest engine power. There are different options as single engine and double engine. It is manufactured by choosing the appropriate one among them according to the size of the machines
In stretching machines, first of all, it should be noted whether the pre-tensioning system is motorized or not. Also, depending on the weight of your product, it should be determined whether there is a need for Top Pressure System or not. In addition, it has a Touch Screen or PLC control gives it a more flexible nature
Our stretch machines can wrap the load tightly and prevent scattering the products by pressing during the winding.
Our Stretch Wrapping Machines are easy to use and express everything clearly thanks to the instrument panels


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