About Us

About Us

NNT automation is a leading manufacturer of the wide variety of Stretch Wrapping Machine in Turkey. It
was established in 2011 in Istanbul in Turkey. Our company, which makes automatic production lines
specially developed for PVC packaging machine lines and railway rail fastening bolts, carries out its own
machinery from the mechanical design to the software. Our company, which develops R&D machines for
many different sectors, has succeeded in signing many machines that are not available in Turkey and in
the world.
Our company, which has gone to specialize in the field of stretch machines in recent years, has primarily
focused on producing the most robust machines in Turkey.

Our Mission

We are working to develop stretch wrapping machines in our manufacture as NNT automation and to
manufacture products with better technology day by day. The share of R&D investments on the
technologies we develop is very large. In addition, a great effort is made to find and improve the
deficiencies in stretch machines. All necessary work is done to use the stretch film at the minimum level.
Focusing ourselves on development, renewal and change, our company tries to meet the needs of its
customers in accordance with its mission. Thus, NMT aims to advance on the path of automation growth
by taking customer support behind it

Our Vision

Our company, which continues its self-confidence in the machinery sector, aims to continue its path by
growing up with its customers with its service understanding that does not compromise customer

Our Quality Policy

Touch screen and PLC automation system are used in all stretching machines. As NMT automation, our
products also have the opportunity to work every day and every hour of the week. It is manufactured with
a long-term mechanical structure. Thus, situations such as stopping or decreasing the operation are not
possible in our products.
In addition to these, it is manufactured by taking the necessary precautions to ensure occupational safety
during production. Each of our machines has an elevator safety sensor in accordance with the CE standard
and the emergency button is easily accessible on the machines. All of the stretch wrapping machines use
a touch screen and PLC automation system. You can continue your business without experiencing the
difficulties and setbacks in the stretching process with our products.


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